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w/ anthony a dunn
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RUNME:susV.pkg: Experiments in Artware Methodology for the Resistance of Racialized Surveillance


w/ sj zhang
simone gulliver
nick briz

 Directly inspired by Simone Browne’s book Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness, “RUNME:susV.pkg” is speculative software (similar to programs like Ad Blocker) that alert users to active data collection programs or malware in proximity of their browsing activities as they navigate the web. Made to be a piece of “artware” (software as art), RUNME:susV.pkg functions as both sousveillance and counterveillance, or forms of watching “the watchers.” This project brings critical attention to the movement of invisible overseers, and especially marginalized communities, as we live our lives online.

Participants in this Lab will research, plan, and create the "alert songs" as well as other artware projects as part of an interdisciplinary workshop to learn and create scholarship around the formalization of iterative production models for quick and effective anti-surveillance initiatives. Students and faculty participating in this lab will employ methodologies in Software Studies and work across disciplinary methods of literary studies, surveillance studies, and new media studies. Core texts of the lab will include, Browne’s Dark Matters, the forthcoming handbook: Code as Creative Medium: A Teacher's Manual by Golan Levin and Tega Brain, Kara Keeling’s Queer Times, Black Futures, Neil Robert’s Freedom as Marronage, and Algorithms of Oppression by Safiya Noble. All code and text generated in this lab will be compiled in a journal and distributed with an open source license.

In addition to the creation of the journal and RUNME:susV.pkg prototype, this lab will tackle questions about contemporary surveillance in relationship to older technologies of capture. Again, modeling Browne’s compelling linkage of historical surveillance tactics under slavery to the present moment’s capture of biometrics and personal data, we ask what escape from such systems can look like.


[ curatorial ]

001. (2016)
002. (2017)

Dresden, DE

w/ Ulla Heinrich
Konstanze Schütze
Thomas Dumke
Georges Jacotey
Josefine Soppa



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"We gave each other papercuts, stole from stores, lied and cheated to our loved ones and talked shit about our enemies."

Jennifer Chan
Kaino Wennerstrand
Georges Jacotey

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on AQNB︎︎︎
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[ internet art ]
[ realtime performance ]

"The green pallor remains but is overlaid by cryptic, flashing images: inverted cross, pentagram and waves of loading data. Distorted .gifs appear: a woman performing fellatio, a nude woman bound and crawling on the floor, a person sliding on a “gimp” mask. The sound is a mechanical hum, the music of a car factory two decibels too loud. As the imagery gets more complex the sound follows suit. Squealing high-pitched notes stab at the eardrum and interrupt the mechanical grinding."

kevin carey
alfredo salazar-caro
patrick quinn
anthony a dunn
bryan peterson
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